2007 MINI Cooper, New Parts Car (May 2023) Stk #376

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2007 MINI Cooper (R56) New Parts Car Arrival (*NOT FOR SALE WHOLE*). This MINI has been completely dismantled as of 05/11/2023.

Odometer Reading: 115,847 miles
Exterior Finish: Lightning Blue Metallic (A63)
Interior Upholstery: Carbon Black “Leatherette” (K8E1)

Notable Standard & Optional Equipment:

Engine: N12B16A, naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder

Transmission: 6-speed, automatic

Automatic stability control (ASC+T) (0214)

Multifunction f steering wheel (0249)

Sports leather steering wheel (0255)

Door mirror / driver’s lock, heated (0314)

Roof and mirror shrouds, black (0383)

Glass roof, electrical (0403)

Armrest front (0473)

Sports seat (0481)

Seat heating driver/passenger (0494)

Automatic air conditioning (0534)

On-board computer (0550)

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