Associations and Awards



The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) lives by their customer forward and earth friendly Code of Ethics which are to: 

  • Promote the conservation of energy and the total utilization of our resources, both natural and manufactured.
  • Determine, within all practical limits, the quality and condition of each automotive part offered for direct recycling and to represent the same accurately.
  • Accept the social responsibility for good community relations, improved environment, integration of minority personnel into the industry, and for assisting local charitable and civic organizations.
  • Be compatible business neighbor, while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics and conduct.
  • Maintain a clean, non-polluted, environmentally conscious business.
  • Operate according to the ordinances, statutes and laws of the various jurisdictions; never knowingly conducting business utilizing any automotive components of questionable origin.
  • Use every opportunity to promote and improve the public understanding of the role my industry, Association and the general concept of component and material reuse.
  • Always treat the customer in a fair and professional manner, clearly identifying any and all warranties or conditions of sale.


Being located in Florida, the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association (FADRA) was a perfect fit. The purpose of FADRA is to further the used automotive parts industry in the State of Florida by sponsoring continuing education programs, processing techniques, sharing of ideas, and promoting the industry in the eyes of the general public.

The Arete Syndicate:

We are extremely proud to be selected as part of The Arete Syndicate. The Arete Syndicate is an exclusive, invite-only society for over-achieving entrepreneurs. The group provides a community and a roadmap for success taught by people who have already traveled that journey. The three focal points are scaling a business, developing the habit of setting and surpassing momentous personal goals, and maximizing one’s influence to impact the world for good and leave a positive legacy.


Fast 56:
As a University of South Florida (USF) Alumni owned business, we are eligible for their Fast 56 award.  The Fast 56 identifies, recognizes and celebrates the world's fastest growing USF Bull-owned or Bull-led businesses. The awards celebrate their success while also providing a forum to pass lessons to the next generation of Bull entrepreneurs. USF recently joined the Association of American Universities (AAU) and is now one of the association’s 71 members. USF joins the ranks of prestigious universities, such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, UCLA, Ohio State, and Michigan.
We are very proud to be a Class of 2019, Class of 2020 and Class of 2023 award recipient! Go Bulls!
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