Our History

ALLMAG Auto Parts is a small business that first started in August of 2014. The first process in starting our business, that I didn't realize, was actually coming up with a name for the business. I sat with a pad of paper and wrote for hours. I wanted the name to mean something to my family and me. A name to be proud of, something that I looked at every day and just the name would motivate me. BOOM. ALLMAG. The name is taken from my wife's name. The first three letters of her first name 'ALL' and the first three letters of her middle name 'MAG'. I knew if her name was on it, we would be successful! 
After the name was sorted out, I actually had to get some parts online to sell. I started with one MINI Cooper, some hand tools, a spot in a parking lot and big dreams. When I started, it took weeks to get the first MINI Cooper into parts, pictures taken of the parts and to list the parts available for sale online. WEEKS. For. One. MINI. To call it a very exhausting and long process would be an understatement. The only way to make it more efficient was to hire our first team member.
Our First MINI, in the parking lot where it was dismantled.
With two people working the process together we became much more efficient. We were able to dismantle 5 cars in our first year! In our second year we were able to secure a small corner space in a warehouse that was being used by another business. We kept repeating the process of dismantling, photographing, and listing; and within a few years we had taken over the complete warehouse. About 75 cars later, at the end of 2016, we were outgrowing our first space and began the process of relocating the business. 
Our first warehouse and dismantling area!
In August of 2017 we moved to our current location. On our three year anniversary of being in business and we celebrated with a move into a 15,000 square foot warehouse! In our new space, we have streamlined our process and have become very efficient. We've also been able to bring in some very exciting MINI's to part out. Some of our favorites have been two GP1's (GP 0706 and GP 0223), GP2 (GP 0124), three different MC40's (all were missing their # plaque), about 25 Gen 1, Gen 2 and even a Gen 3 JCW's, and one of the LOTS (Last of the Supercharged) R52 JCW's. 
Our current warehouse!
Since day 1, we have been very lucky to have such a great team that has lead to our growth as a business. But without having the best customers in the world, the countless shops that we work with, and each and every person that gives us the opportunity to help with their MINI - We wouldn't be here. 
We look forward to many more years, many more MINI's and helping you with anything we can along the way!
- Dustin Akers - 
President, ALLMAG Auto Parts