Our Core Values

Who is ALLMAG? The standards we live by.

We are a team of car enthusiasts that is fully committed to making sure that we can help you in any way possible. We have a passion for MINI Coopers and their parts. We have gained knowledge over the years that we want to share with you to help you find the right part with the right fitment for your MINI. We know that when your MINI needs parts, it can be stressful. There are many different fitments, part numbers, superseded parts, chassis codes, etc. and it can be a lot to take in. We are here to give you the best possible parts experience and to keep the downtime of your MINI to a minimum.

Our parts are tested, and all our parts carry a guarantee. We would not sell any parts that we are not 100% confident enough to use in our own MINI’s.

Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you today!

Our Core Values:

1.) Lead by example – We believe this is the only way to lead. If we have not done the work ourselves, we cannot teach or expect anyone to follow our lead.

2.) Loyalty - We believe in loyalty to our customers because without them we serve no purpose. We are loyal teammates because the only way to win is with a strong team.

3.) Honesty – We communicate clearly, and honestly as a team. We practice honesty daily in how our customers are treated, the parts we sell and how we treat each other. We always do the right thing.

4.) Take Initiative – We do not wait to be told to do something. When we see something that needs to be done (no matter how big or small), we do it.

5.) Exceptional Service - We strive to always over-deliver and exceed people’s expectations at everything we do.

6.) Always learning – We work to get better every day and push ourselves to grow. We are always learning and striving to better the company and ourselves.

7.) Goals – We set goals. We believe the only way to get where we are all going is to make a goal, understand what needs to be done to achieve it and follow through with the plan.

8.) Believe – We believe in the overall big picture. The direction we are all going together and what needs to be done to get there.