Who We Are


ALLMAG Auto Parts is an automotive salvage company based in Tampa, FL. We specialize in only MINI Cooper's! All members of the ALLMAG crew think and work like auto enthusiasts, because we are. We make sure that all parts are clean, in working order, and are shipped quickly. We know how difficult it can be searching for those hard to find OEM parts, and that's why we're here. We share your passion for your MINI, we are here to help you find the parts you need, and get it to you as fast as possible. ALLMAG also is active in our local MINI owner groups. In addition to sponsoring our local club, East of the Bay MINIs, we have also hosted an open house event at our facility and look forward to continuing our relationship with all MINI Cooper owners.



The Process:

Step 1: The Search
The process begins with the search for the right MINI Cooper. Upon purchasing the MINI, whether it be a running and driving example, or one that has met an unfortunate end, we inspect all parts on the MINI. If possible, test drives are made to determine any possible problems before the vehicles make it to the warehouse.

Step 2: Dismantling
The MINI then makes its way into our warehouse for dismantling. We salvage everything possible: from drivetrain components to a window switch, anything that can be useful to someone is something that we save. The parts are disassembled carefully and cleaned to be sent to the photo booth for further detailed inspection and portraits.

Step 3: Picture Day
The next step is the photo booth. Each part is inspected yet again, and if any imperfections exist, detailed close up pictures of problems are recorded. We understand how helpful a picture of the item can be, and we strive to photograph every part we stock.

Step 4: Storage
Our Warehouse
After all parts are photographed and documented, the parts are organized and stored accordingly. All parts are housed in our local, secure warehouse. 

Step 5: From the Internet to Your Door
The pictures are then uploaded and website listings are made for each part. Part numbers are recorded and vehicle compatibility is verified. As soon as you purchase an item, the part is packaged securely and sent out for shipping via the selected channel. We handle all types of shipments from small local deliveries to international freight. We have shipped to over 60 countries and counting! 

We greatly appreciate your business, and wanted to give you a behind the scenes look into what ALLMAG does and who we are. When you purchase from us, you can be sure that you are buying from a team of real people who know and understand how important even the smallest part can be to completing your vehicle. We always make sure to go above and beyond to assist our customers with anything they need!