OEM, R5x, LKQ.. What does it all mean?

Lets start with the chassis designations.

F56, R5x, F5x, R6x?? 

A lot of MINI owners know what they are driving, but there are many who could use a little help. And that is what we are here to do, help

The question is; What model MINI do I have? 

The First Generation:

The first generation MINI's were built for model years 2002-2008. These chassis codes were R50, R52 and R53. The hatchback MINI (R50, R53) was built for model years 2002-2006. The difference in an R50 and an R53 is a Base (non supercharged) VS S (Supercharged).

  • The R50 is the Base model, non supercharged hatchback from 2002-2006.
  • The R53 is the S model, supercharged hatchback from 2002-2006. 

Because MINI wanted to be confusing (we cannot confirm if this is why they actually did this) the first generation MINI convertible was built for model years 2005-2008. The first generation MINI convertible was designated the R52. However unlike the hatchback, the convertible chassis (R52) included both the Base (non supercharged) AND S (Supercharged).

  • The R52 is the Base AND S model, convertible from 2005-2008.

The Second Generation:

The second generation MINI's were built for model years 2007-2016. They included the R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61. After the first generation chassis split for the Base VS S hatchback (R50 or R53), MINI no longer identified Base VS S by chassis code. Here is the breakdown:

  • R55, 2008-2014 MINI Cooper Clubman (Base, S or JCW)
  • R56, 2007-2013 MINI Cooper Hatchback (Base, S, JCW or GP)
  • R57, 2009-2015 MINI Cooper Convertible (Base, S or JCW)
  • R58, 2012-2015 MINI Cooper Coupe (Base, S or JCW)
  • R59, 2012-2015 MINI Cooper Roadster (Base, S or JCW)
  • R60, 2011-2016 MINI Cooper Countryman (Base, S or JCW)
  • R61, 2011-2016 MINI Cooper Paceman (Base, S or JCW)

The Third Generation:

MINI kept the staggered model production through the third generation. The chassis codes changed from the 'R' to 'F'. The first of the third generation MINI's was the Hatchback, produced for the 2014 model year.  The new chassis included the F54, F55, F56, F57 and F60. 

  • F54, 2016 - Current MINI Cooper Clubman (Base, S or JCW)
  • F55, 2015 - Current MINI Cooper Hatchback 4 Door 
  • F56, 2014 - Current MINI Cooper Hatchback 2 Door
  • F57, 2016 - Current MINI Cooper Convertible 
  • F60, 2017 - Current MINI Cooper Countryman

Now that you know what chassis code you have, why didn't we mention the R5x, R6x, or F5x? 

We use the designation R5x when parts fit across all of the chassis. If a part fits the R55, R56, R57, R58, and R59 - We simply put R5x in the title. Similar for the R6x, that would include the R60 and R61 fitment. F5x; fits F54, F55, F56, F57.

OEM vs OE vs Aftermarket vs LKQ


OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. These parts are designed for your MINI and are the same parts you will find on your vehicle when it was built at the factory. OEM parts are the correct fitment for your MINI and are approved by MINI to uphold the integrity of your vehicle. The parts we specialize in are OEM, in both used and new condition. These are also considered Genuine parts.


OE stands for original equipment. These are the same parts, but they do not have a MINI logo or come in a MINI box. For example: The engine mount in your MINI Cooper has a MINI/BMW logo on it, MINI part number and markings but it is manufactured by Lemforder. The OE part would be supplied from Lemforder, not MINI - So it does not have those markings. It is a great option to get the correct part that will fit your MINI, approved by MINI to uphold the integrity of your vehicle. 


The aftermarket parts industry is a bit like the wild west. Many off name suppliers 'copy' the OEM / OE parts and sell them at a discounted rate. Typically with a discounted rate comes poor fitment, poor quality, etc. Many of these parts can be found along side their OEM / OE counterpart on sites like Partsgeek.com and show a significant cost savings. This is why we specialize in Genuine used and new OEM parts! 


LKQ stands for Like-Kind-Quality. When you hear a reference to LKQ parts it simply is referring to used Genuine OEM parts. LKQ parts are not aftermarket parts. LKQ is also the name of the largest salvage and recycled auto parts company in the industry.