1 to 6 - The Last Manual Cooper?

1 to 6 - The Last Manual Cooper?

    Known for its go-kart handling and peppy acceleration, the Mini Cooper is always a blast to drive, especially if you add a third pedal to the mix. Since 1959 every generation of cooper has had a manual gearbox option, yet with the newest generation of minis that may no longer be the case. With the 2025 model year, Mini Coopers and Countrymans are being redesigned to accommodate more electric variations and efficient gas-powered engines and with the newest special edition of the JCW F56 Cooper, it is likely we will no longer get a manual option. To commemorate the last of the Manual Coopers, Mini has released Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine 1 to 6 edition Coopers into the wild, and it can be yours for $45,300.  

     The 1 to 6 edition is based on the JCW F56 Cooper and of course comes with many special materials and exclusive badges throughout the interior and exterior to remind you that this is no regular JCW. Piano black trim adorns the outside of the Cooper, from the scuttles and belt line trim, there is not one bit of chrome on the exterior or interior of the 1 to 6.

     As is if attending a funeral, the 1 to 6 is dressed with a metallic midnight black paint, black roof color, and jet black 18” alloy wheels to round off the murdered-out look.

     The special edition also has a grey patterned stripe racing down the entire middle of the vehicle, the pattern resembling a 6-speed shift pattern. On the sunroof, which every 1 to 6 comes standard, a decal declares that you are the owner of 1 out of the 999 in the world.  

     As we step inside, the 1 to 6 motif maintains its presence, extending from the door sills to the Nappa leather sports steering wheel and even down to the floor mats. The interior shows off an anthracite-colored headliner, illuminated red bezel for the instrument cluster, red ambient lighting, and, of course, the stick shift with special stitching.

    Every surface on the interior is either black or dark grey, adding to the already stark exterior look. As an added detail the dash trim pieces and key FOB are 3D printed to resemble the same pattern as on the racing stripe.

     What truly catches the eye is the black graphic lettering emblazoned on the left side of the steering wheel, proudly stating "One of 999" signifying the special edition's exclusive and limited availability. Aluminum pedals finish off the interior's unique features. Besides cosmetic details, the 1 to 6 also gets a slight increase in horsepower, from 228 to 231, propelling it from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds.  

     Now you may be asking yourself why the 1 to 6 deserves its commemorative status and higher price point. In North America, JCW F56 Coopers have always had the manual option, but for our transatlantic friends in Europe that is not the case. In the European market JCW F56s only come with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Which is so very backwards when it comes to European cars in the American market, for them this is the only chance to get a manual JCW. For $2,500 over even the most well equipped JCW manual build, the 1 to 6 is a hard ask for anyone in the American market.  

      Exciting as it is to see another unique special edition of the Mini Cooper, it is sad to hear that Mini may no longer be making our beloved car with a manual transmission. One of the biggest reasons auto enthusiasts are drawn to the mini is its superb handling and manual gear box. Other hot hatch manufactures that are maintaining the spirit of a manual are Hyundai Veloster N, VW Golf R, Toyota Gr Corolla, just to name a few. Although not yet officially confirmed, with the implication of the 1 to 6 edition Cooper and Mini’s plan to move to an all-electric line up in 2030, it is unlikely we will see another 6-speed mini.  


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