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2015 MINI Cooper S, New Parts Car (August 2022) Stk #322

2015 MINI Cooper S, New Parts Car (August 2022) Stk #322

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2015 MINI Cooper S (F56) New Parts Car Arrival (*NOT FOR SALE WHOLE*). This MINI has been completely dismantled as of 08/12/2022.

This F56 was finished in Pepper White (850) over K9E1 leatherette upholstery in Carbon Black. This MINI came to us due to a front end collision. This car had 60,169 miles.

Why we had to have this MINI:

We don’t get many F56s at all, so we welcomed this third-generation MINI with open arms. This MINI was one of the few F series MINIs that wasn’t completely trashed at auction. Hopefully we get a good B46 out of this one!

Notable Factory Options:

Engine: B46, 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder

Transmission: 6-speed, manual

MINI LA wheel Victory Spoke black

Roof and mirror shrouds, black (0383)

Electric panoramic roof (0402)

Floor mats, velours (0423)

Armrest front (0473)

Headlining anthracite (04AA)

Interior surface Piano Black (04BD)

Blow-by heater (04NE)

MINI Excitement Package (04V9)

MINI Driving Modes (04VA)

Fog lights (0520)

Rain sensor (0521)

Automatic air conditioning (0534)

Cruise control with brake function (0544)

On-board computer (0550)

Hands-free system with Bluetooth (06ND)

Daytime run.lights adjus. via light menu (08TN)
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