02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Mini Cooper S Engine Supercharged 130K Miles 1.6L R52 R53 149

  • $ 1,099.99


2002-2006 Mini Cooper S Hatchback (R53)

2005-2008 Mini Cooper S Convertible (R52)

  • Specs: 1.6L l4 GAS SOHC W11
  • Salvaged from 2005 Mini Cooper S Hatchback (R53) 
  • 130,214 Miles
  • Does NOT include bolt on accessories ( Supercharger, Starter, Alternator, Power Steering Pump, Etc.) Shipped exactly as shown in pictures.

Product Notes:

  • Test Run and Guaranteed! 
  • Compression and leakdown tested. 
  • Compression test results: Cyl 1: 170psi, Cyl 2: 160psi, Cyl 3: 160psi, Cyl 4: 160psi.
  • Leakdown test results: Cyl 1: 15%, Cyl 2: 15%, Cyl 3: 10%, Cyl 4: 10%
  • Oil analysis completed by Blackstone Laboratories, available upon request!
  • Please see pictures for damage to camshaft position sensor.
Please contact us with any questions! We can check your fitment based on your VIN!

 **For an additional discount: After you install our engine, we can set up the return shipping for your core at no additional cost to you and offer a $150.00 core refund once it has been received back to us. 

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