September Car Showcase: Chris's 2008 BMW 135i

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Is this your first car? If not, what cars did you drive before this BMW?

  • No, I’ve had a few other BMW’s and some Honda vehicles when I was younger. (Including a couple of S2000s and an E92 M3)

Who or what started your interest in cars?

  • When I was a little kid I always played with cars, so I think that had a lot to do with it. Also, video games like Gran Turismo and Tokyo Extreme Racer helped. When I was old enough to drive, the passion became even stronger.

What do you enjoy most about cars or driving?

  • Probably the freedom that comes with getting into the drivers seat and being able to go wherever you want. Being able to get my hands dirty and work on my own car is also something that I really enjoy about it. Just put on the music, and do whatever you need to. No one to bother you, just man and machine. It’s a special bond that not a lot of people can understand.

Why BMW? There are plenty of other competitors in both performance and size, what made you choose to go with the BMW?

  • I enjoy the quality of their cars. When you sit inside and look around, it doesn’t feel like it was all snapped together like a puzzle. The parts are well made, and the design is also attractive. When you’re driving down the road, the interior is quiet and comfortable. It’s easy to tell it’s a well made machine with the drivers comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Have you done any modifications? If so, what is your favorite one? And why did you start modifying?

  • Not too much yet, as I have just purchased the car not too long ago. I always modify my cars because I feel that there are some things from the factory that can be improved upon, whether it be performance related or cosmetic. My favorite mod so far has to be the Alpina transmission flash. The quickness of the up and downshifts make the car much more enjoyable to drive. It adds a different aspect to normal everyday driving.

Have you run into any problems or setbacks? What were they and how did you overcome them?

  • Nothing yet (knock on wood). I’m not sure how I’ll overcome them though. Probably by a lot of money and sweat in the garage one weekend. >_<

What is your favorite thing about your BMW? Whether it be a modification, an option, or something as simple as the design, what tops the list of things you love about your car?

  • My favorite thing has to be the engine/drivetrain. Front engine rear wheel drive cars will always be #1 on the fun scale. The fact that the car also has a pair of turbos is nice too. The power delivery and handling of the car make it a blast to drive every day.

Are there any other cars that you own? Any side projects or other vehicles you are putting together?

  • Not at the moment.

Mod List 

  • BMW Performance Kidney Grilles
  • Black “135i” trunk badge
  • Alpina B3 Transmission Flash + some other coding options

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