Customer Car Showcase: Terry's R56 Mini Cooper S

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Terry's Laser Blue R56 Mini Cooper S




Is this your first car?

  • No, but my first Cooper. Ever since this one, I've been hooked and purchased another one, and am looking at a third one soon as well.

How did you end up with your Mini?

  • I wanted a daily driver that not only looked great, but was economical, safe, and fun to drive. The Mini checked all of these boxes, while being a great platform for modifications as well. 

Why did you start modifying your car?

  • Once I had the Mini for a bit, I started to crave a little more performance. Not only that, but I usually modify my cars cosmetically as well, to personalize whatever I am driving. I started with coilovers and cosmetic mods and then the performance mods followed shortly after.

What was the biggest setback you ran into?

  • I ran into the dreaded timing chain tensioner failure that plagues a lot of the R56 Coopers. 

What is your favorite mod so far?

  • I have a cold air intake paired with a blow-off-valve that make the car sound great on upshifts and downshifts. 

What other mods do you have planned?

  • One of my specialties is in car audio, so I definitely want to get the audio system up to par. After that, I would like to get the car tuned to really help put the power down and increase the responsiveness. 

What is your favorite thing about the car?

  • The driving dynamics. Every time I start the car I get excited to drive it, and I am still in the beginning stages of modifying it.

Why Mini Cooper?

  • I also enjoy BMW vehicles, and having a vehicle that combines their quality, safety, and driving dynamics in a small, go-kart like package is something that has always been appealing to me.

Special thanks to Terry for letting us use his awesome Mini for this month's showcase. The cylinder head that is on his car is actually one purchased from one of our cars! We love seeing our customers' cars and meeting the owners, especially when we can help them with parts to keep their cars running strong. 



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