BMW E90 E92 E93 Shift Knob Removal DIY

Posted by Dustin Akers on

We put together this easy DIY removal for the shift knob on the BMW E9x ///M vehicles. 

You will need a plastic interior panel removal tool and a solid grip. That is it!

1.) Grab the shift knob and make sure you have a good grip. When you pull up, you do not want to slip and punch yourself in the mouth. We found if you put your elbow on the center console and use it for leverage, it is very easy to control the pull and not 'over do' it. 


 2.) Pull up on the knob with consistent force and you will feel it 'pop' upwards towards the headliner. Once it is loose, you can grab your plastic interior panel removal tool and start to remove the boot from the center console. 


 3.) Start prying with your tool on the front corner. You don't want to jam it in there too hard, you need to be careful of the clips. Work the first clip on the front left side, once it 'pops' free you can work the rest out by hand. 


 4.) Now that it is free and you are a professional, you just need to unplug it and you have succeeded. Grab a drink and enjoy your success. 

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