ALLMAG Auto's 2 Year Anniversary!

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ALLMAG was created for two reasons, the first is for my family. ALLMAG Auto Parts is a family business; We work very hard, but family is first. Without family, we would not be here. My wife supports me 100% and is a huge part of why we have been able to celebrate 2 years in business. Since we started the company we have added to our family and now have a 6-month old daughter, Mackenzie. She enjoys coming to the office to play on the forklift and meeting our customers at local car meets!  

The second reason we started ALLMAG Auto Parts was to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine. I always wanted to start a business from the ground up and work for myself. I always wanted it to be in the automotive industry, but I did not think it would be in automotive salvage. Through my eight years of experience with a prior salvage yard, I learned a lot of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ in the industry. I wanted to change the typical customer experience of buying a used automotive part. I wanted ALLMAG to be a customer friendly ‘tech’ company that supplied automotive parts. Our main focus is our customers and their experience when buying from ALLMAG.

We first started ALLMAG Auto Parts on July 28th 2014. That is the day we submitted for our LLC from a laptop at our kitchen table. It was a very exciting day, but also a very scary day. I had secured a location that a friend would let me use for dismantling and storing our first parts. The first cars I dismantled outside in a dirt and gravel lot. I would dismantle in the mornings, and take pictures and list parts in the afternoons. It was a very slow process. After a few months of this process I realized that I needed help. I was not able to dismantle the vehicles, take pictures and list the parts online with any kind of efficiency. We couldn’t afford an employee, but at the same time we couldn’t afford not to have one. We got lucky and found a great first member of the ALLMAG team (who is still with us!) and the process started to get much more efficient. We were able to have more and more parts available for our customers. As time has moved forward we have added a total of 4 members to the ALLMAG team. Each one is very important to our success, and I’m proud to have them on our team.

After 2 years in business we have 10,000 parts listed live on our website and eBay – with goals of adding many, many more parts! We have had over 5500 orders placed with our company, and have shipped orders to over 25 countries, the furthest being Singapore. We work every day to better ourselves and to provide the absolute best products for our customers. None of it would be possible without my family and our talented ALLMAG team. Cheers to two years!


We also believe that it is important to enjoy and celebrate these milestones. For our two year anniversary, we tore it up on the track. The go kart track that is! Here are some awesome pictures to commemorate our track day.


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