Customer Car Showcase: Steve's R56 Mini Cooper S

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Steve’s 2010 R56 Mini Cooper S Laurel Limited Edition



Is this your first car?

  • No, but my first Mini Cooper.

How did you end up with your Mini?

  • I had always been fascinated with the design and style of the Mini Cooper, and I thought to myself that when I was in the market for a new car, I was going to look for a Mini. After my Ford Expedition was stolen last November, I was in the market for a new car and happened to come across the R56 and fell in love.

Why did you start modifying your car?

  • When I purchased the car in December of 2015, I started doing research on the potential for modifications and making more power. I had always thought it would be a blast to drive a small car with power, and after discovering that these cars can be easily tuned for more power I started planning on the mods I wanted to do.

What was the biggest setback you ran into?

  • Unfortunately, my first motor blew at 59,000 miles. Cylinder 1 had no compression and the other three cylinders had 90% leak down. This occurred after owning it for about 3 months, and only putting about 3,000 miles on it.

What is your favorite mod so far?

  • My Manic Stage 2+ tune. The tune has transformed the car into a completely different machine. Combined with a catless downpipe, AEM intake, and an upgraded intercooler, the tune makes the car a blast to drive.

What other mods do you have planned?

  • Eventually I would like to get a methanol injection kit, a bigger turbo, build the bottom end, and get a nice set of wheels to go with a proper suspension setup.

What is your favorite thing about the car?

  • The appearance. Every cosmetic modification brings the car to a whole new level, from things as simple as adding a roof rack or painting the trims, the car seems to catch everyone’s eye.

Why Mini Cooper?

  • When the engine went out I was kind of on the fence about keeping the car or fixing it. Once I went through the whole process of getting a new motor and installing it, I feel connected to the car, and it’s something that I don’t see myself getting rid of for a long time. Out of the last 8 cars I have owned, this is my favorite one by far


Full Mod List

  • Manic Stage 2+ Tune
  • Catless Downpipe
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
  • AEM Cold Air Intake
  • F56 Mini Cooper S Shift Knob
  • Upgraded Blow-off-valve
  • Alutec Strut Bar
  • Chopped Muffler with Titanium Tip
  • Aeroforce Gauges
  • Manic SPS Switch
  • Front mounted intercooler
  • Front rotor upgrade
  • Roof Racks




Special thanks to Steve for letting us use his awesome Mini for this Month's Showcase. Stay tuned for our future rides of the month posts!

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